My Name is Veronica Neira and …

I am ready to start blogging! I will be posting photographs of cool events I go to, places, persons and designs.

If it happens that you are in any of the photographs I took and you want a printed or digital copy of it, fill the form below to get in contact with me.

Enjoy… and needless to say all images and designs inside this website are under copyright. Want to use any of my images for commercial purposes? I will be more than happy to talk to you. Contact me:



New Projects

The creative mind is curious and active. This year I have got many photoshoot ideas I would like to implement as projects.

One of this photo projects already started,#thephotoexperiment is a collaboration project you can discover the latests photos on my instagram (veroneiraphoto) .


Another of my projects is about Culture, as I encounter myself in a very cultural diverse country, I have taken upon myself to document the cultures I happen to see in Bahrain, which for me are very interesting to explore. Hope you explore with me thorough my photos as I go. For my next posts I will be using the hashtag #pplculture. Follow me on Instagram!





Events Photography in Bahrain

Documentary photography is required when capturing the atmosphere of an event, attendees of the event, opening ceremony, special guests and happenings.

This style of photography allows you to tell a story and inmerge the viewer into it.

An Example of this style of photography I did for a Red Bull Music event:

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