Ray-Ban has been the world ‘s best-selling sunglasses

From brand fake ray bans date , Ray-Ban has been the world ‘s best-selling sunglasses brand. Support this result is the Ray-Ban consistently high quality and elegant design . Dr. glasses optical technology innovation , making high-quality lenses Ray-Ban sunglasses has become one of the biggest selling points . Ray-Ban glasses to glass -based, strong shading effect , one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays , infrared rays while filtering harmful rays . Now use the polarizing film technology makes the light to reduce the damage to the eyes of many . Ray Ban frame design and manufacturing is also good , no matter under what circumstances , can make people comfortable to wear.

Over the years, Ray-Ban sunglasses types are continuously increasing , and the formation of traditional, modern and future series of three styles . In addition , according to the different consumer objects , Ray-Ban sunglasses are divided into gentleman, lady , sports three types: type stable noble gentleman ; lady type casual elegant ; sport is full of sunshine .

Timeless design , simple style and high quality style, Ray-Ban will undoubtedly become the brand through nearly 70 years after the important element is still enduring .

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Ray-Ban is the U.S. Air Force to produce a reflective

Into the 1940s , replica ray ban sunglasses is the U.S. Air Force to produce a reflective mirror sunglasses have tilt , giving users maximum eyesight protection. During World War II , American pilots dressed in leather jacket , wearing a chic new Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world, its chic valiant image, greatly enhance the Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world popularity. At that time, even the United States admiral of a MacArthur often wear sunglasses, Ray-Ban is the product . And ZIPPO lighters , experienced World War II Ray-Ban sunglasses has become one of the symbols of the U.S. military , and after the war as a fashion product, quickly swept the globe.

As time goes on, more and more popular sunglasses , and gradually by the fashion jewelry, into daily life essentials .

20 In the 1950s, Ray-Ban has introduced to the market multicolored lenses and fashion sunglasses large frame , together with a female sunglasses series ( eg : Ray-Ban classic sunglasses (Rayban) RB4112 726-73 in yards , Ray-Ban sunglasses classic (Rayban) RB3331 004-58 in yards ) .

The 1960s, Ray-Ban lenses cracking advent of its rugged style design sunglasses and stylish .

70s , Ray-Ban sunglasses can be introduced in a different color light for the wearer to provide the most clear visual sense .

Mid-1980s, Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” in the classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses to wear shape has swept the world , setting off another wave Ray Ban sunglasses heat . Thereafter , in recognition of Ray-Ban for outstanding contribution to fashion , Association of American popular awarded substantial weight to its design awards.

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Optical Network tells you the method to identify:

One, spectacle replica ray bans on a bridge of the nose at most bars above intaglio B & L Ray-Ban USA, following intaglio B & L Ray-Ban 62 □ 14. Genuine Ray Ban RayBan intaglio milling precision molds should be pressed out, using a magnifying glass to see, but also there is no roughness, and gives fine impression. Imitation Ray Ban RayBan sunglasses intaglio relatively rough, text skew the concave portion shades, the overall lack of refinement.

Photo by depending on optical network to provide customers

Second, the lens is recessed two sides matte BL symbol estimates may be made ​​of laser technology, cut and polished, smooth touch feeling no word here, but the characters are clear mission and beautiful, although very shallow recess, but the edge of the letter but angular. Imitation Ray Ban RayBan sunglasses in the handling of this flag I’ve seen two: one is the more crappy imitation, purely transparent material printed on silk screen process, carefully hand touch can feel is raised; one kind is the imitation of the more successful, but also using laser matte technology, but the process is poor, and a comparison of genuine, real obvious.

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GUCCI by the Guccio Gucci founded the Kingdom founded in 1923 in Florence

In order to regain fake gucci belt a feeling , Giannini in the summer of 2005 at the Flora pattern reproduced on canvas , re- revival Flora, overwhelming demand . Different sizes , colors and abstract Flora also appeared in the 2006 Summer 40 / 70′s style dresses, jewelery and evening bag . These designs are all the rage , become the iconic Gucci design, unveiled after 40 years still attracts evidence .

Consumer darling of fashion

GUCCI by the Guccio Gucci founded the Kingdom founded in 1923 in Florence, Italy , the product has been covering clothing , shoes, purses , watches, home accessories , pet supplies, scarves and neckties , but in 1975 launched the Gucci perfume products.

GUCCI has been to produce high-end luxury products famous . Whether shoes , bags or clothing , are “a symbol of status and wealth, ” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society . From the late 1940s to the 1960s , GUCCI trotted out of the bag with bamboo handle , insert the metal loop soft shoes, printed scarves and a series of classic design , its product unique design and fine materials, become a symbol of elegance and luxury , to Sofia – Roland and Duchess of Windsor praised by celebrities such as ladies .

GUCCI trademark green red, green , blue, red and blue color combination of main, to distinguish natural leather and dyeing leather . Meanwhile, the company also founder Guccio Gucci initials GG logo name do jewelry shading , while high-quality cotton cloth known as GG , for the manufacture of handbags, jewelry and clothing.

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Gucci ‘s brand reputation has been rising

After World War II , due gucci belt replica of raw materials , Gucci in 1947 designed to replace bamboo handle leather bag , this design is still a classic . By the 1950s , from the horse ‘s girth being red, green and red Gucci stripe pattern for decorative accessories , became another sign of the brand design .

In 1953, Gucci ‘s brand reputation has been rising. This year, the European Gucci Gucci died , while the company’s New York branch also opened in the same year , it marked the Gucci began to attack the global market . 60 years, with Gucci in London, Paris and Palm Beach, Florida, the establishment of branches , which represents the Italian brand of fashion and taste the most important market in the world foothold . To the end of the 1960s , “GG” officially became Gucci brand identity.

In 1970, Gucci ‘s global expansion point to the Far East , Hong Kong and Tokyo, with its stores. In the early 1980s , Gucci company leadership by the Mauricio Gucci grasp, but this time , Gucci family ‘s internal strife affecting the development of the company , Gucci ‘s brand image began to decline . 1990 , American Tom Ford joined Gucci, as the company ‘s women’s creative director . His arrival heralded the beginning of Gucci revolutionary change .

In 1994, Tom Ford, Gucci Group, was appointed creative director of all products , in March the following year , he launched it’s reputation soared in the silk shirt , velvet mohair coat and pants , create a set of modern , sexy , glamorous in one of the new image. Tom Ford, Gucci drastic reorganization , will this change the traditional brand new modern endorsement by , the Gucci fashion on behalf of a young family . European and American luxury brand in the 1990s a wave of restructuring , Gucci re- define their own position in the fashion industry is doing is undoubtedly the most successful .

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Gucci has always high-end fashion brands

Gucci has always gucci belt sale high-end fashion brands , luxury, sexy and famous, as ” a symbol of status and wealth ,” Brand become ? Rich consumer darling of high society , the business community has always been favored , while yet elegant fashion . From the late 1940s to the 1960s , Gucci trotted out of the bag with bamboo handle , insert the metal loop soft shoes, printed scarves and a series of classic design , its product unique design and fine materials, become a symbol of elegance and luxury , as Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Duchess of Windsor praised by celebrities such as ladies .

After World War II , lack of raw materials such as leather to canvas ? Alternatives. Printed book, the letter G pairs for trademark logo and eye-catching red and green as a symbol of Gucci in all kinds of canvas briefcase , handbag, wallet and other products within Gucci . Gucci excellence in the luggage industry has developed with the French Louis Vuitton (Louis – Vuitton ) famous brand. But also other manufacturers around the world copied, imitated object. After this a decade or two , with the range of products continues to expand, the early years to Florence-based Gucci rapid rise development around the world have branches of international groups, products throughout Europe , America and Asia . Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes, etc. , as well as clothing , perfumes , household items, scarves and other accessories .

It can be said , to a certain extent, it is precisely because of these species continue to expand and develop and improve the Gucci brand awareness, it is no longer limited to the existing market areas, and increasingly become the subject of attention of the brand. Because large numbers of counterfeit and imitation products , Gucci brand had to spend a lot of financial and material resources to fight to preserve its good corporate image. In fact , years of production and management, so that Gucci had some signs of classic products,

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Brand gucci become rich consumer darling of high society

A symbol of wealth , “Brand cheap gucci belts become rich consumer darling of high society . Between the production in Florence , the young Guccio Gucci (Guccio Gucci) Gucci as a symbol will be printed on top of those leather products , while early in his work aristocratic luxury London hotel (Ritz) in the kitchen when the day witnessed those rich gorgeous delicate carry passengers traveling bag, Gucci has decided to return to Italy home , start making Gucci logo bag box . 1989 , Don Mei luo (Dawn Mello) was appointed as its vice president and creative guidance over the years, painstakingly and maintenance of Gucci luxury and luxury image of the product , Mello added, on the one hand its existing high-end luxury brand line products remain elegant aristocratic taste, on the other hand , is committed to the development of the new series , the traditional aristocratic dramatic element with modern life true feelings combine to make a symbol of the glory of yesterday’s luxury brand become a ” must” fashion .

After 1994 , Tom Ford (Tom Ford) to make Gucci look. Spring Fashion published only 97 when his works such as low open collar asymmetric shape , similar to the twenties arrived back straight body design and the use of black fabric , won the essence of haute couture and fashion feeling strong . Since April 1997 after the Shanghai store opening , Gucci bag, shoes and become the new darling of women in Shanghai .

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As learned the nimbus bracelet

As learned the hermes bracelet replica, so ebony have a strong energy , with requiem given soul, Hannaford evil, wealth and fortune , supporter law enforcement role.

Dark ebony wood , also known as Xiu -specific , since it was praised by the ancient wood of respect for the million . Precious ancient trees is due to floods , and other natural causes changes in the crust was buried in the ancient river bed , under a mountain stream , in particular physical and chemical action of the years gone through thousands of years of gradual carbonization was formed , so ebony there are ” carbonized wood is called. because ebony long period of special physical environment, its color mostly quintana black, but also outside the black inner red ( such as ancient red piles of wood , buried in the ground three years or more to form this color ) , or external black and the yellow ( such as ancient gold Phoebe , buried in the ground four years or more, only this color ) , outer black inner green ( eg Machilus ) , there are also color gradient ; ebony trees , mostly native toon , Phoebe , Qinggang , Maliuchang , camphor, Sorbus and other varieties, not all old trees can become ebony , it is not ebony is black , or black is ebony , such as India , Myanmar and dark wood and produced Chinese persimmon wood , diesel ebony , wenge is black modern wood . genuine ebony , anoxic environment in a particular form , because the fat timber itself contains eucalyptus and other natural preservatives to buried millions of years rather rot in the long history of Bashu culture, ebony mysterious precious ” treasure” , ” artifact .” folk known as ” even if we have a box of treasure , as ebony half side of the argument . Ebony sex as a result of pure yin , also used as medicine in ancient records . The breadth of its uses and properties of the mystique , ebony was widely hailed at home and abroad “Oriental sacred trees .” In ancient times, dignitaries love the ebony products as heirlooms , Hannaford evil things , very precious .

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I subconsciously pressed a press my bracelet

Out of the replica hermes bracelet, I subconsciously pressed a press my bag . According to the contract , the company’s King Hao Li will go to airport reception . ” Lee, how so polite in person to reception ah .”

“Where , then, Zhang Dong You have personally come, where we dare not neglect, either personally mention it, I do not feel comfortable . Way, please .” Li said politely .

One step closer to the black BMW, I startled a little , he ? Such a coincidence , is it God again malicious smile ?

He quickly down from the driver’s seat , open the car door , mode , said , “Zhang Dong , please .”

I suddenly awake , you should thank the sentence after the car.

Li told only to hear the sentence: “King Riverside Hotel .”

Car, Li told me simply say that the next few days itinerary, I simply perfunctory passed, those Wuhan pavilion garden , I heard not a word , is what my heart is like wringing his mind only sitting in front of him, his brow showing a trace of the vicissitudes of life , and 35 -year-old seems to have a significant difference in maturity. Recall themselves, but also as one came step by step , first to a small company to do a small staff , slowly rose to the post of manager , and finally as heir to his uncle took over the company Tupperware company , by virtue of the work of previous years experience , still run good. I kept glanced at the driver’s seat in the middle of rear-view mirror , looking at his eyes , and since his eyes did not feel the original tender , has been just watching the road , driving a very calm , and occasionally through the eyes of just since turning to look at cars. The only constant is that his eyes kind of strong. Does he really have become numb yet ? My hand into the bag, straining holding .

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Hermes Bracelet Secret for sale

Girls like to wear fake hermes bracelet , or even a hand can wear a lot of bracelets , bracelets not only give the MM are considerably , wearing bracelets there are a lot of mystery. Story bracelet , you have to know how much ? May l small as we interpret what pearl silver bracelet Love.

A bracelet Secret : Single girl wearing a bracelet which means innocent, also expressed the desire for love at first sight , already in love happy little woman wearing a bracelet that he minded , willing, and he spent his whole life with joy.

Two bracelets declaration : Normal wear two bracelets for boys and girls represent are in love, sweet love to enjoy sexual gratification moisture , single girls wearing two bracelets also said that at this time the mood is very pleasant , life is very comfortable , very satisfied with their present life , surrounded by “dead Church,” the friendship and care of their loved ones , feel that they are the happiest people , also revealed contentment personality.

Three bracelets promise: Sanshengyouxing , III love, ” three ” is the fate of the commitment , because it expresses a wonderful long-cherished wish , and his closest people , whether that person is a parent Ye Hao, Ye Hao friends , siblings well, love or, in short, very cherished and fate between them , and hope that this fate can be sustained Sansei III , wearing three bracelets for men and women in love , there is an important implication is that “I love you” .

Four bracelet natural frankness : four seasons bracelet sustenance wishful blessing . Usually people who wear four bracelets , outspoken personality should be natural , or that he advocating natural outspoken personality . Generally between lovers of wearing four bracelets that you wear a bracelet = 4 , then the feelings on this undying infatuation . The color choice in bracelets , wearing four bracelets, usually choose red, yellow, green, white bracelet with four colors , representing seasons four seasons , but now more people choose to mix and match colors, just take the Four Seasons wishful meaning.

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