More than 9 years ago Veronica Neira’s interest for visual communication began to emerge in the form of draws, photographs and designs. In 2007 she commenced her university studies in graphic design. Since the second year she started working for a teen magazine as an art director. Just one year later one of the most recognised art centres in Nicaragua held an exhibition of her photographic work and till date her passion for photography has kept alive.

Veronica multifaceted skills has lead her to experience many kind of fields related to Communication and Marketing, her work includes art direction, design, photography, social media management and also creative copywriting for one of the most prestigious advertising agencies of the world “McCann Erickson”.

In 2014 she decided to adventure herslef into the Middle East, driven by the curiosity of meeting the mysterious land and to explore new horizons she moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she has had her work already published in some of the most popular magazines

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