The Kind of Photography you need as a Fashion Designer

With a client base in Bahrain, I frequently find myself working with new fashion designers on their first photo shoot. I also find they quite often don’t yet have an understanding of what type of photography is needed for the different types of marketing purposes.

This is an overview. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but I am able to help you with each step listed below.

Lookbook Photography

Winter collection, Spring-Summer collection, Ramadan Collection, to show to the world your entire collection you need a Lookbook shoot!

First of all, we know how powerful Instagram is as a selling platform in the middle east and when you are first starting up you may not have a website ready so, you need to have images that look great for social media, catalog print, advertising and that you can also use later on some parts of your website. 

Lookbook photography can cover all those marketing needs areas. Lookbook photos are going to define the look and feel of the brand. They create a mood, lifestyle or feel that the buyer wants to identify with and thus they buy the brand. You can show all this but always keeping in mind that the most important focus should be on the clothes itself, this is what makes Lookbook photography very different than Editorial photography ( we will get to that topic later). Not so distractive backgrounds are a must on lookbook photos weather if it is an Outdoor shoot or Indoor shoot. 

E-commerce Photography

This type of photography focuses just on the product itself, usually just a white or plain color background with or without a model will do. It does not show any feeling or emotion. It’s for your website. Used In combination with lookbook photography for social media, sometimes.


While Lookbook photography and E-commerce try to sell a product, Editorial photography is more concerned with selling a story. 

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing editorials are magazines. Editorial photography can be used as well in fashion blogs, online magazines, website and to make your social media more interesting. You tell a story and every part of the story showcases a different outfit, the brand stays in the subconscious and if the story is good, your brand will be remembered. 

You will need to have a theme for your story and the proper lighting is of utter importance to keep up with the mood you want to emphasize. If the story is about a girl who traveled to Bahrain, went out late in the afternoon and discovered the Souq of Manama at night then you must to focus on those elements, late afternoon light, nighttime light, showing the places close to the souq and particular stores inside the souq and things you usually see there.


You have decided to invest on a Billboard Ad or a modest digital screen ad, you have a discount for valentine’s day so your AD needs to have a romantic creative concept. Two models, one sunset starring your beautiful clothes. You need advertising photography!

Advertising ranges from still life (product alone) to a whole set with a model on location or in-studio.

It has a creative concept behind, is cleaner than editorial, it has the purpose of selling, promoting and connecting with interests of your targets.


Ok so, now you know the different types of photography you will need as a Fashion Designer. The need for high-quality photography can’t be stressed enough skimp on the image you use to sell your brand and prospects will assume the same lack of attention to quality will be present in the clothing as well. It won’t just fail to work, bad photography will actually repel clients.

For any Lookbook / Catalog / Editorial / E-commerce / Advertising Shoot enquiry or to get a quote please do not hesitate to contact me mail(at)

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